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About Us

Opened in 1994 the current Tadley and District Community Centre replaced the original community building that was a former US Air Force gymnasium which was part of the WW2 airfield at Aldermaston. Following the war, Aldermaston became the home of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment and, Tadley expanded rapidly.  The community association recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Tadley & District Community Association (TDCA) is to bring together the local residents, local authorities, voluntary and other organisations to provide education and recreational facilities with the object of improving the conditions of life for residents of the area.

The TDCA is a registered charity and maintains and manages the community centre. The TDCA aims to promote the building as a focal point of the local area by providing a wide variety of resources and services for the community including pre-school provision, health activities, clinics, senior citizen clubs, parent and toddler groups, life long learning and social gatherings.

Community Centre in 1980's before demolition